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The Urdu alphabet has up to 58 letters. With 39 basic letters and no distinct letter cases, the Urdu alphabet is typically written in the calligraphic Nastaʿlīq script, whereas Arabic is more commonly in the Naskh style. History - Alphabet - Vowels - Iẓāfat. There are total 38 letters in Urdu language. And these are as follows: 1. ا -> Alif 2. ب -> Be 3. پ -> Pe 4. ت -> te 5. ٹ -> te 6. ث -> se 7. ج -> jeem 8. چ -> che 9. The Urdu alphabet has 39 basic letters and 13 extra characters, 52 all together. It is written from right to left and is closely related to the Arabic and Persian alphabets, but also contains some sounds from Sanskrit.

2 Jan - 2 min - Uploaded by urduforkids learn Urdu Alphabets with the help of a jingle. Urdu letters are the same as Arabic, but it. 21 Aug A list of the letters of the Urdu alphabet and their pronunciation is given below. Urdu contains many historical spellings from Arabic and Persian. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in Pakistan and India by about million people.

The Urdu alphabet comprises 38 letters, mostly derived from the Arabic and Persian writing systems. Like those languages, Urdu is written and read from right to left and letters are connected by means of ligatures. Urdu is written in an adapted form of Arabic script. During the 8th Century the Persians began to use the Arabic script, adding a few letters for Persian sounds. The Urdu alphabet is the right-to-left alphabet used for the Urdu language. It is a modification of the Persian alphabet known as Perso-Arabic, which is itself a.


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