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Zelda majoras mask wii wad download

Zelda majoras mask wii wad

Loz ocarina of time jp / loz majora s mask jp wad downloads!. Zelda majora s mask vc wad. La legenda de zelda majoras mask wii wad espa ol actualizaci n. Loz ocarina of time jp / loz majora s mask jp wad downloads!. Zelda majoras mask wad para nintento wii. Majoras mask ntsc virtual console. The legend of zelda. 19 Apr I know that the gamecube version of majoras mask is glitchy, but I believe that is Wii virtual console emulator, I think it would run perfectly. . Crystal Shards, Legend Of Zelda - Majora's Mask, Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of.

Zelda majoras mask Wad Para nintento Wii. by Four Chan-ess on In Video. Hola es el Majoras Mask esta en datos Wad y esta en ingles,funciona. 15 Jan Hello, sorry if bumping this thread is considered necroing but anyway, I've been trying to make my MM JP wad working on my Wii and it does. 24 Sep I'm looking for the japanese VC wad for majoras mask, if anyone has it I would I have a hacked wii and I got the japanese wad for OOT but finding MM has http ://

I started practicing some any% routes on emulator, but that's a bit inconsistent, so I installed on my Wii to play it there. Problem is the. a while now on my N64 but just bought a wii and want the Japanese version. Install your "legally obtained" WAD using the WAD manager. Well I'm trying to run Majora's Mask virtual console game with Dolphin but after Another option is the GC Zelda: Collector's Edition which includes Majora's Mask. the VC version is fixed, its the wii that might freeze no, its just a wad packed n64 rom. you can unpack it and play it on n64 emulators.


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