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Ppt on atmosphere

Earth's Atmosphere. How our atmosphere evolved. I. The early atmosphere did not support life. It contained deadly gases such as Methane and Ammonia. Layers of the Atmosphere; Air Pressure; Transfer of Heat Energy; Earth- Atmosphere Energy Balance; Hydrologic Cycle. The gases that makeup the Atmosphere. 4 Jan The Atmosphere– layer of gas that surrounds Earth more commonly known as “ air ”. 4. Atmosphere. ; 5. Weight of the atmosphere Gases are in the atmosphere. .. Acid Rain Powerpoint presentation.

16 Feb The Atmosphere. 2. The atmosphere is the blanket of air that surrounds the Earth. Composition of the Air Nitrogen 78% Oxygen 21% Other gases 1% *greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, etc. Earth's Atmosphere. 99% of atmospheric gases, including water vapor, extend only 30 kilometer (km) above earth's surface. Most of our weather, however. The Atmosphere. atmosphere. definition: the layer of gases that surrounds the Earth. weather: the condition of Earth's atmosphere at any given time or place.

Atmosphere - layer of gases that surrounds a planet or moon held by gravity ( ocean of air). Composition. Atmosphere is a Mixture of. Gases; Dust; Water vapor. The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air, which we call the atmosphere. It reaches over kilometers ( miles) from the surface of the Earth, so we are . of the atmosphere. b. differentiate the layers of the atmosphere based on variation of temperature. c. explain the significance of the layers and the boundaries.


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